Wandering Eye: Chicago’s Lakeshore Drive

Some cities speak for themselves, just screaming for attention, begging to be explored! Art & Architecture, Cultural Diversity & Scenic Beauty collide in the downtown setting. History seeps through the walls, but innovation and contemporary culture scream in your face – quite loudly. The ‘L’ clamors down it’s track, keeping adventurous travelers awake in their hostel beds, while those accustomed to the noises of downtown sleep like babies. It’s city life, and it’s beautiful! Open your eyes. . . let them wander!


Surrounded by Blue

Moments in the City

The Play of Light


Sunshine and Blue Skies, as seen from Lakeshore Drive.


Friends on an Adventure

A Collage of City Life

The Spirit of a Wanderer


Open your eyes, let them wander, and follow your instincts to the next adventure!

~ Kat

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