In Your Light: Chase Your Blues Away When You Wander


Looking for adventure? I’ve “accidentally” ended up in a lot of uniquely interesting places in 2016. We’re only 1/2 way through the year, with a summer of travel ahead, for work and for fun, planned and unplanned, exotic and commonplace . . . and it’s all an adventure! As I plan for the 2nd half of the year, I thought it was a good time to revisit where I’ve been so far, and direct those who are interested to discover more! (Home Page:

Traveling solo (and so much) can be a challenge, but you must find ways to make it Okay, to make it an adventure! Choose your own adventure! Find yourself in everything you experience, and create your own light and happiness. This song often runs through my head. . . I’m pretty sure I’ve played it a time or two, and I’m certain that my townhome neighbors have become very familiar with it:

“Get up in the morning, I can’t keep it in. I’m falling all over myself, and I could jump out of my skin. Wanna break the door down, just to greet the day! ‘Cause there ain’t nothing that’s more certain to keep my blues away!” (“In Your Light” by Gotye)

Opening the door to travel – the travel expo: As the name of this blog suggests, I’m not a big planner, but I do love to dream about what adventures I might go on. The travel expo in Columbus, OH was the perfect place to start, and to put ideas into my head about the types of things I might do. While I came home with books about my typical travel area (Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, Illinois, Indiana and Upstate NY) I know that later this year I’ll be in Texas, Missouri, and hopefully back to Costa Rica.

Port Huron, MI: Visiting a city for the first time, in a state that I’ve been to many, many times, it’s really wonderful to see new sights, like the nautical scenes below. I also make sure to support local businesses while I’m there, because I want to feel like I’m somewhere new, somewhere special. My experiences need to be different than what I’d run into back home.


Nashville, TN: There’s no escaping the music scene in Nashville, from large sold-out concert halls to local bands in dive bars. Walking down the street, the music spills out of every bar, eatery and club. It’s a welcoming atmosphere, whether you are being welcomed by the musicians or your wallet is being welcomed by the bar owners and entrepreneurs.

Memphis, TN: Sometimes it’s good to just be a spectator, especially when traveling alone. Frequenting restaurants where lingering is encouraged helps make this possible, and the juiciest part of the meal is often the conversations around you. Read the “Flight” post if you want to feel like you are sitting right there beside me.

Memphis, TN (again): When you visit a city like Memphis, you really must take in the things that the city is known for. In this case, it’s the blues, and it’s played every night. The music is truly not to be missed!

Columbus, OH: When I’m home the adventures continue! This winter there were weekly hikes (sometimes two a week, to keep up and earn a walking stick for completing each and every one). The joy of sharing these experiences with old and new friends was apparent week after week.

Costa Rica: And then there are the planned trips, much anticipated yet with and  plenty of wiggle room to explore, take in the culture, and really see what it’s like for the local people. There’s flavor. There’s noise. There’s gritty city culture and quiet beach time. I have so much more that I want to share, so many colorful experiences to write about! I’ll do that some week when I’m not traveling. . . whenever that comes along.

Chicago, IL:  Returning to my roots, I took a day trip to Chicago to experience the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Such a busy city, so full of people. Public transportation is definitely a must. Plane, train, bus, elevated train, and bike share!

Irish People - enhanced-103

Columbus, OH: Back home again, I discovered Roller Derby and witnessed my first match. These women are fierce! I hope to go back, and have friends who have become regulars!

Milwaukee, WI: Going metro in my old college town was an unexpected treat, complete with period cocktails, themed artwork throughout, and a old car out front, ready to shuttle guests upon request.

Monroe, MI: What’s more consistent from one town to the next than the postal service? And what says more about a town, and its inhabitants, than the unique, eclectic, colorful, and diverse mailboxes?


Santa Barbara, CA: There is so much more to California than nude beaches, sunglass shops, fresh fruit smoothies & surfers. . . although there are plenty of those! The accessibility of art is astounding, and in Santa Barbara local art is celebrated! The written word, wall art, sculptures and trinkets brighten up an evening meal.

Saginaw, MI: In the small the small town of Saginaw you’ll find a commitment to art if you look for it. “Take Part in the Art” is the museum’s slogan, and it’s worth a visit.


Presque Isle, PA: Just outside of Erie, PA is a stretch of land that juts out into the lake. This peninsula is full of recreation, multi-use paths, hiking trails, long stretches of beach and places to fish or just watch the sunset.

Jacksonville, FL: Taking a break from the sun, you’ll find row after row after row of books in the local used book stores. Sit down with a cup of coffee, of get to know the locals! The collectors and lovers of books will be in heaven, while the minimalists find a place to offload their old treasures.

Chattanooga, TN: Fresh off of the airplane, at the tourism bureau’s into table, I find directions to Lookout Mountain, and a wood-fired pizza spot that will just as quickly sell me a bottle of Pino Noir. Did I mention the view?

Many more adventures await, and I hope you’ll be along for the ride! To read the full stories visit the “Accidental Wanderlust” Home Page, and choose an adventure to some along on. (  Please Share!

~ Kat

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  1. What a great recap to your journeys! I’ve enjoyed shadowing! Looking forward to many more! I’ll keep the tablet charged and “the light on!”
    Blog On, Kat…Blog On!


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