Camping with Unruly Goats: Hipcamp Delivers All the Fun, as Promised

Baby goats are sure to do the trick, when a campsite advertised on Hipcamp promises you “unruly goats.” Is there any other kind of ‘kid’? Especially when the youngest is just 4 days old, with its high-pitched little squeak, calling “Maaaaaaaaaa! Maaaa! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

The travel bug has bit once again, with 3 work trips under my belt in the last few months. My heart was longing for an adventure; it was my birthday, so cycling, camping, and being surrounded by animals and exploring the countryside fit the bill.

It’s hard to describe the feeling that comes over you when a tiny goat or lamb is running in your direction, with his velvety ears flopping around erratically, in time with his hurried, prancing steps. They are babies, however, so a misstep or stumble is to be expected. They are still finding their legs.

Harrison Farm is flush with goats, sheep, cats, and especially chickens. There are lots and lots of chickens, including more roosters than I was able to count, competing for attention with their piercing (and frequent) cock-a-doodle-dos. I’m unsure if the sunlight or chickens woke me up, but it was early enough to see the last bit of sunrise, which was beautiful and worth the intrusion into my sleep.

Located in Groveport, Ohio, the farm is just about a 20 min. drive to the heart of downtown Columbus, OH. From my doorstep it’s about 30 miles, so it’s 2 – 3 hours of time on a bike, depending on your pace.

On Friday night, hurrying to get to farm and set up camp, our pace was a bit more. . . . persistent. It wasn’t a race (there is plenty of daylight in early June), but we wanted time with the farm animals too. The return trip on Sunday was leisurely, including lunch at a local grocery and a quick visit to a Columbus Clippers minor league baseball game. I can’t think of a better way to travel to the farm. . .

. . . unless you’re interested in bringing along your larger tent, queen-sized air mattress, bed pillows, hammocks, camp chairs, metal dishes, cooler, and enough food and water for the weekend. I was fortunate to have a friend meeting us at camp; she offered to transport the equipment for me. Perfect! It’s the best of both worlds! Let’s face it – it’s “Glamping.” My friend is an experienced luxury camper; she brought the watermelon!

Our campsite was a large open area, with a spot for a fire and a handful of strong, elderly trees to tie our hammocks to. The air was dry, the sky was blue, the June temperatures couldn’t have been more pleasant, with a slight breeze rustling the treetops. I let out a deep sigh, settling into the hammock for an afternoon nap on our rest day, between travel days.

The organization Adventure Cycling Association gets a bit of credit for spurring the weekend’s adventure. June 3 – 5, 2022 was advertised as “Bike Travel Weekend,” in an effort to get more people out there doing what they love. We didn’t make the decision to participate in time to register with the organization, but I hope you’ll take a minute to scroll down and check out their website.

“Adventure is Out There!” the organization’s website declares. “Find the adventure in your life with our Guide to Adventure Cycling.” The website has all the information you need to Explore, Plan, Ride, and Support this pastime.

If riding to camp seems daunting, stay close to home and ease into the adventure. You won’t regret it. . . and there are ways to prevent the goats from eating your shorts!

“We inspire, empower, and connect a growing community of bicycle travelers.” (ACA website)

Want to learn more, experience more, and dream more? You’re invited to do so, by the Adventure Cycling Association: “Feel the wind in your hair and the curves of the road as you travel along to the stories of those who have pedaled into an adventure. Inspiring tales will take you to far-flung lands as well as nearby hidden gems you could tour over a weekend.”

I hope the photos I’ve shared do justice to the way this trip filled my heart, with gratitude and joy. Who knows, maybe the baby goats will visit me at home one day, for a goat yoga class in the backyard!

Join me on my next adventure,

~ Kat

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  1. This is so awesome and humorous! The goats are so precious! I always think of the “true” meaning of GOAT..
    Greatest Of All Time! These pictured really fill the definition! They’re so adorable!
    What a great experience!
    Always enjoy your narrative and your photos are amazing! BLOG ON!!!


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