A Happy Accident

We need some photography help. . . is there any chance you can come out to Southern Oregon? Corpus Christi? Washington, D.C.?

Why not?! Who can pass up a chance to visit the Redwood National Forest, dip my toes in the Gulf of Mexico, and take a spin on Capital Bikeshare? You want me to travel to Nashville next? I was raised on old-style country music (think Dolly and Alabama), so I guess I’ll visit the Grand Ole Opry while I’m there! They have a bike share system in Nashville too!

I am a Portrait and Fine Art Photographer, and an experienced Regional Trainer. As a result, I travel for work – I travel a lot! Being away from home so much of the time, a long time ago I decided that I was going to make the most of my travel to new places, and see what I could see!

With a wonderful team of friends to watch after ButterCup and ButterBean (see photos at the end of this post), I developed an amazing, and unexpected, case of Wanderlust! Inspired to inhabit the places I travel to, I’ve added extra days, explored tin the evenings, and even walked “The Mall” on my lunch break. I became an adventurous work traveler!

It’s exhausting at times, but the contiguous United States opened up before me. (I have not made it to Hawaii for work yet, though I did visit years ago on “personal business”.) Not content to stay stateside, I went international! I finally realized my dream of visiting Ireland a few years ago. The travel bug had bit me hard! The next year I traveled to Morocco, and in the fall of 2015 it’s off to Thailand! What an adventure, this life I’m living!

There are times I feel I’m seeing the world through my father’s eyes! He traveled the world for 20 years as the Export Manager for Quaker Oats. I guess this Wanderlust is actually in my blood! But I happened upon it as quite the accident!

So, I’ll wander. . . . and the Butter Twins (again, see below) will be there upon my return, willing to listen to every story.

~ Kathleen

Cats cuddle Cats baby pic

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