Spring Still Arrives: “Shelter In Place,” but Don’t Stop Looking for Adventure!

Take it in; immerse yourself.

We’re living in a time of change!

Transition.     Transformation.                    Evolution.

The seasons change.

The flowers bloom, full of fragrance and painted in bright colors.

The morning rain falls, splashing in puddles formed overnight.

The sun is out there, isn’t it, whether we see it or not?

We are sheltering in place,

But spring still comes.  Along with it comes growth.

We are stretched,

We are tested,

We are.

We are building resilience.

Did someone forget to tell the Robins?

The Chickadees are not social distancing.

The squirrel is hanging from the bird feeder – again.






Shelter in place, but don’t stop looking for the next adventure.

Join me,

~ Kat


  1. This is so inspiring! You’re a photographic genius!
    It brought a smile to my face! Joy….pure joy!
    Thank you and……….BLOG ON!


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