Stripes Blur Into Dancing Polka Dots: Explorations in Atlanta’s Waters

Stripes Blur Into Dancing Polka Dots


You sink down, going deep,

exploring and discovering

surprising things about yourself

along the way.

Deep into the blue water, you descend.


And it’s so quiet,

that you suspect you are alone,

but you glance around,

squinting to see through the water,

and discover that you are surrounded.


Stripes blur into dancing polka dots,

gliding smoothly through the darker waters.

Silver and blue swim up

alongside black

and white.


You are surrounded by chaos,

and you realize

this is where your education really begins.

It’s a foreign feeling that

becomes something so familiar

that you can hardly put a name on it.


I could sit here for hours.

I could become absorbed for a lifetime.


Join me on my next Adventure!

~ Kat

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