“Transform Your View” of Love this Valentine’s Day, with Both Feet on the Ground or 1,000 Feet Up


Do hearts beat a little faster 1,000 feet up? Does love look different from the 70th floor, at the peak of a California sunset? Is she more likely to say ‘Yes!’ to a proposal, with a backdrop of 360 degree panoramic view, of the city she’s been courted in? What if you get down on one knee, admiring her beauty, and calling her your angel. . . ?

A dozen or so tourists were enjoying aerial, panoramic views of Los Angeles, from OUE Skyspace’s open-air observation deck. I was leaning forward, hands spread on the glass, trying to see as far down as I could, to the base of the U.S. Bank Tower, above which the Skyspace perches.

I didn’t noticed that the majority of visitors were in suits and summery dresses, until they were pressing in around me, hurrying from halfway across the deck, to join me in one small corner of the viewing area. Startled, I glanced in one direction, and then another, as the group pressed in even closer, trying to make themselves as small as possible.

It seems we were all meant to be hiding out of sight, unseen from the large glass doors that lead out onto the observation deck. I extracted myself, so that I could get a better look at what was going on. Apparently the subject of all of the excitement and attention had entered the building. Her family and friends would wait quite some time, before she made her appearance, and was greeted with a surprise engagement proposal.


She said ‘Yes!’

What else could she have said, under those circumstances? She seemed happy enough with the situation, but society puts a lot of pressure on couples to move in the direction of marriage, especially with an audience standing by, ready to celebrate the happy couple.

It was beautiful – a beautiful setting, a beautiful sentiment, and a beautiful story the couple will likely tell and retell for years to come.



Valentine’s Day has everyone thinking about relationships, romance, commitment, and love. These are things that many people do a lot of thinking (and worrying) about, but not a lot of talking about.


An organization called Quiet Thoughts on Canvas brings people together, in a creative environment, to talk about those topics never talked about. Poets, Performers and Painters came together in Columbus this week, just before Valentine’s Day, to explore the subject of Self-Love. The event was called “Show a Little Love: Fill the Cart with Art.”

You don’t have to lie

I can tell you don’t love me

‘Cuz you don’t love you

(She Said by Tripp Fontane)

Fontane is an MC, Producer, Host, and Spoken Word artist from Dayton, OH. He describes himself as having managed to forge a style all his own, and invites visitors to his Facebook page to “walk with him as he takes you on a journey through his mind!”

His small volume “All is Fair: a Collection of Poems and Thoughts on Love” was available at the event, after he performed on stage. Pressured to do one more performance, focused on the night’s theme, he searched his mental inventory, but was unable to come up with something suitable for the young ears in the audience.

Asked by one of the preteen attendees if he could rhyme, he did a special musical performance for her, with audience members snapping along. She was grinning from ear to ear. Later in the evening she was asked what she would change about herself, if she could change one thing. She hesitated, then said she would like to be kinder and nicer to others more often.


The aim of Quiet Thoughts on Canvas is: “Bringing Awareness & Understanding to topics never discussed through live painting & conversation”. That evening, four artists produced paintings during the event, focused on the theme of Love, and made the finished artworks available for purchase, through a silent auction.

Promotional posters for the event asked “Did You Hug Yourself Today?” Sometimes we forget to love ourselves, so the event was promoted as a time to give “some L-O-V-E” to you.

The secondary aim of the event was to spread the love of art, self-expressions, and creativity through an art supply collection, and participation by Blick Art.


“This year we are collecting art supplies for Nationwide Children’s Hospital as a Valentine’s Day Gift for the children. We are inviting everyone to bring their art donations to Copious Restaurant and enjoy entertainment and dinner!” (Facebook event page)

I met with friends, to raise a glass, and support this worthy cause. That time was a gift to myself! I had the pleasure of running into a friend’s daughter, who was the event photographer for the evening, doing all she could to capture the spirit of the evening.


Attendees enjoyed everything from dance performances to the live painting, and from the ideas expressed on stage, via spoken word, to the open discussion of the topic of the night: self-love.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Consider transforming your view of Love today!

Join me on my next adventure,

~ Kat

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