It’s Time for You to Consider a Trip to the Beach!


When you’ve broken the only ice scraper you own, in an attempt to chisel away the layer of ice that encapsulates your company car, before driving to the airport, to catch your 6 am flight . . . consider a trip to the beach.

If you can’t remember the last time you took a slow, deep breath in, held it for three counts, then took twice as long to exhale . . . and then did that a 2nd time . . . indulge in a visit to the beach.

When seashells are at the top of your list of unique, environmentally conscious, minimalist gifts for your niece’s upcoming birthday . . . you can find just the right collection at the beach.



If you’re easily entertained watching juvenile sandpipers get close to the water, then run hurriedly away, as the next ocean wave comes in, just an inch or two from being drenched . . . you’ll find some cheap entertainment at the beach.

When your book club includes Nicholas Sparks, and you have fantasies about long strolls holding hands, as the wind blows through your hair . . . take your sweater with you to the beach.


If you have a large stockpile of sunblock that’s close to its expiration date, because your boyfriend does a lot of work with Johnson & Johnson . . . invite friends along to the beach.

When the only wild birds you can identify on sight are Cardinals, Blue Jays, Robins and Hawks . . . consider exploring the diversity along the Gulf Coast beach.

If you’ve never realized that it’s already light outside, before the sun has had a chance to make its first appearance above the horizon, at the official first moment of sunrise (because the earth is curved, and astrophysics is pretty amazing) . . . you have something to learn at the beach.



When you’ve spent day after day covering yourself up, trying to be the professional character that corporate America asks you to be, wearing a “costume” and playing a part you never intended . . . head to the nude beach. (Just make sure it’s the nude beach, and not just a regular state beach, where the under 2 set crowd stripped off their soggy diapers, and are chasing each other at the water’s edge.)

If your social calendar is so full that you find yourself turning down fine art events, local music performances, and cycling for a worthy cause . . . because you are attending alternate art events, local music performances, and supporting another worthy cause . . . it’s time to take a break, at the beach.


When it’s day 5 of your trip, and you’ve already visited Epcot, Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, Hyppo popsicles, Flagler College, and Cathedral Basilica of Saint Augustine . . . it’s time to slow down, and get to the beach.

If you haven’t met the “Ambassador of Vilano Beach”, eager to greet early morning visitors, with a wag of his tail, on the first of his many daily walks . . . get yourself to Vilano Beach. He’ll be there!


So, it may be time for you to consider taking a trip to the beach, and indulging in a visit! Gather seashells, find some free entertainment, courtesy of the wildlife, and bring a sweater along, if you think you’ll need it. Invite friends to join you, and explore a beach in another part of the world; you may have a thing or two to learn. You may just realize that it’s time to take a break, to slow down, and meet the local residents. . . clothing optional.

Join me on my next adventure,

~ Kat



One comment

  1. Ooooohhhhh!
    Sounds like you’re planning a visit in your next work trip\adventure!
    After all, life’s a beach!
    BLOG ON!


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