Need a High-5K?: Running and High-5K-ing through Clintonville, with Destination Donuts

Do you have your High-5 ready? If you’re in Clintonville, OH on a spring Saturday you might get one, ready or not!

The High-5 5K is a neighborhood walk/run like none I’ve ever seen. Okay, I’m a cyclist and not a runner, but I have friends who run, and they have fun with this event twice a year! This run predates COVID and the event is back, after a pause, with a smile and a High-5!

The concept? Run or walk around Clintonville, cutting through neighborhoods and taking the multi-use Olentangy trail, to surprise your neighbors with some good cheer. The energy at the start was as far from intimidating as you could possibly get! Just for fun! Walk or run!

And the donuts…..

When a walk/run starts and ends at a donut shop, there should absolutely be a painting of a smiling donut, with sprinkles, doing cannonballs into a cup of coffee, on the wall of the establishment! Check! It’s a perfect 10 with a cup of hot, black coffee in your hand.

There was a line to the door, by the time the 5K started, and local customers were chatting with Destination Donut employees about why all the runners were giving each other High-5s outside. “It’s a great experience, just seeing them come and go,” one said.

Even the puppies outside had smiles on their faces. Perhaps there is a bite of a sweet treat waiting for them. At around $3 per donut – maybe not. But the donuts are delicious, about 1/2 are vegan (but you’d never know it), and for the spring season you’ll find a bird’s nest made of dyed green coconut and pink M&Ms.

So, twice a year, fall and spring, you are guaranteed a lot of High-5s! Join in – or jump in, if you’re the donut. Enjoy!

Join me on my next adventure,

~ Kat

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