A Thriving Community: Art and Inspiration Come Together at Old Beechwold’s Makers Market

Sometimes you just want to try the art on for size, literally or figuratively.

Finding new ways to share their work was a challenge, when COVID-19 caused many art galleries, large gatherings of artists, and other art events to shut down. Painters, jewelers, and ceramic artists could sell their work online, of course, but there’s something special about seeing artwork in person and having a conversation with the creative mind behind a piece you are drawn to.

In an effort to help, back in 2020, then 18-year-old Lauren Alexander launched Beechwold Makers Market, unsure of how it would take off. It’s been a success and in late November of 2022 another season is wrapping up! It’s been a good ride, and I hope to see it return again next spring.

At this market in a little corner of Clintonville, Ohio there’s really a bit of everything — fancy cupcakes, paintings, jewelry, clothing, soaps and scented wax melts, dog treats, succulents, and ceramic art. This is fine art, not a winter holiday craft fair! And it’s inspired art, making a difference in the community in a lot of different ways.

Jason’s Jades – the origins of a new way of viewing (and purchasing) art.

Jason’s Jades – This flagship booth is a touching tribute that’s making a difference –
10% of proceeds donated to prevention of drinking and driving.

Lauren Alexander began the market as a tribute to her brother Jason, who was killed by a drunk driver. This origin story is featured prominently at the market, where beautiful collection of jade plants are sold in his memory. The succulents are something that Jason took a special interest in, even as a young boy.

“In November of the year 2000, Jason Alexander, just 16, needed a ride home from a party.
He accepted a ride from a friend and climbed into the back seat of their car.
He never made it home.

Two of the three teenagers in that car died in a drinking related car accident that evening.

When Jason was a young boy, he chose a Gollum Jade plant from a local nursery for himself.
From that plant, our family has been lovingly growing these Jades ever since.

A portion of every Jade sold is donated to charities who focus on the prevention of impaired driving.”

There’s true joy in the market – along with the effort to make a difference and do good. The colors are vibrant. The music is festive. The flavors are tasty and memorable. This is a special place to find a piece of art, or other creative endeavor, to bring into your own life. The painting “Growth Mindset,” by artist Mackie, spoke to me and I brought it home with me.

Now it sits behind me in my office, so that it’s seen by anyone I’m in a training class, conference call, or meeting with. I see it every day because I’m on camera constantly. It is a reminder to cultivate a growth mindset myself, something that can be a struggle. Mackie works in the mental health space, and brings this awareness to her work.

We could all use a reminder to be kinder to ourselves and open to growth and learning.

Growth Mindset by Mackie

“Mackie was a pleasure to work with! We commissioned Mackie to do a watercolor of my parents home! Mackie asked questions about coloring to ensure it was as accurate as possible! She was very timely and communicated where she was at throughout the process! My father cried when he received the gift! This won’t be the last item I have Mackie create! Excited to work with her for more gifts and pieces to keep around my home as well!”

Eric J. – http://www.madkieart.studio

Wren & SparrowAt the next booth over you’ll find an opportunity to pick up a beautifully scented wax melt, to bring a special fragrance into your home, to remind you of the market, of fall, of the outdoors — bourbon maple, tobacco, and lavender are just a handful of the scents available at Wren & Sparrow.

I know that my home will smell better (feel better, and just be better) for it!

Candles and Wax Melts by Wren & Sparrow

Adding to the festivities, there’s a DJ on the front porch of the Beechwold home that hosts the market. There are cupcakes to purchase and coffee drinks to partake in. The last market (October) had a Halloween theme that would easily transform into fall for the November market.

If you’re interested in supporting local artists, this is a great way to do it. If you want to wander over to roam the booths and partake in a specialty cupcake or drink, that’s welcomed. If you just want something to do on a fall afternoon, this will be right up your ally. You won’t be lonely – the community comes together to support this local effort. And I can’t wait for it to return for the next season of art and neighborhood adventure. Join in!

Join me on my next adventure,

~ Kat

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  1. Wow, you hit the mark with this share Kathleen. I’m saddened that I won’t have the opportunity to visit this year, but it is now on my lists of places to frequent next Spring.


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