Before the Winter Hibernation: One Last Glimpse of Fall

Falling, falling, falling. . . . it’s a beautiful sight and the expression of the fall season. Through the fall the leaves kept falling; we know it won’t last, so we enjoy the colors and the smell of the season, including the musky odor of nature breaking down the organic matter as it gathers in piles. The smell of burning leaves is a signature of fall as well, as we try to contain the volume of leaves.

Because they keep falling, falling, falling.

Eventually this all comes to an end, with the first Ohio snow, whether we’re ready for it or not. So, let’s take a few minutes to enjoy a last glimpse of fall. Accidental Wanderlust visited Hummingbird Hollow this fall. Here are some of the sights. Can you smell the richness of autumn? If only we could bottle this stuff!

Not knowing what’s ahead, I just want to enjoy what is!

It’s exciting to watch the seasons change – a blessing of living in the MidWest!

Let nature clean up after herself.

What season are you in? Enjoy it, while it lasts. . . . then hurry up and enjoy the next!

Join me on my next adventure,

~ Kat


Visit Hummingbird Hollow: Hummingbird Hollow Cabin | Facebook

One comment

  1. Loved this!
    We just got our first snow fall! Nothing much, just stuck to the grass! So white and pure..only briefly! More coming in a day or two! Nothing really to shovel, but it is December after all!
    Enjoy your weather with whatever adventures it brings! Have your bikes been retired for the season? Probably not! You both keep rolling as long as you can!
    I haven’t opened the Dec 24 package! Ned is going to put a nail in the wall for my tree! It’s about 3feet tall! I bought some ornaments for it, so can’t wait to decorate! I’ll take a pic to show you!
    Have a great day!


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