A Rainbow of Exotics on the Scioto Mile: Admission is Free, but Participation is by Invitation Only


Full of vibrant color, a long line of Lamborghinis, Ashton Martins, Ferraris and Porsches are on display; you can see the neon green, fire engine red, sunset-inspired orange, and skyline blue from several bridges over.

The Rich Street Bridge has been closed for the evening, and these exotic cars are parked side-by-side, granted a spot along the Scioto River, by invitation only. It’s an elite class of vehicles, with matching price tags, on display by an elite class of car enthusiasts.

The enthusiast owners of the cars on display are entertained at a private patio party at Milestone 229, which offers waterfront dining and drink. The public event is free of charge to attendees.


An air of speed and sport is lent to these luxury cars, via thick white racing stripes, engines visible through transparent trunks, and sleek aerodynamic design. From 6:30 – 9:00 pm, on a Saturday evening, along the Scioto Mile, the event is hosted by Columbus Cars and Coffee. According to the event website, this public event features a display of 100+ exotic cars in the heart of downtown Columbus, Ohio. I lost count, weaving through the throngs of spectators. Don’t forget the cars representing brands like McLaren, Lotus, and Bentley. Acura gets into the show with its “Next-Generation Supercar,” the NSX.

Visitors can start on either end of the bridge, and will enjoy local food trucks on the west side of the bridge.

Interested in volunteering? Speak up for future events! For this year’s Exotics on the Scioto Mile Columbus Cars & Coffee received dozens of entries from volunteers, and had to cut off volunteer opportunities, to keep an eye on the cars, guests, and the event itself.

Est. in 2017, and growing already, Exotics on Scioto Mile partners with the Columbus Division of Police, as well as having a private security team, to make it possible for the event to be safe, free and open to the public. The event website cautions: “Please enjoy looking at the cars, and remember not to touch them or lean on them!”

Interested in purchasing? Don’t be shy, if you have an extra $339,000 in the bank. Check out this listing with Byers Imports:

This Ferrari 488 Spider looks great in Rosso Corsa over Beige Tradizone. Outfitted with a 3.9L Twin Turbo mid engine V8 boasting 661hp. Paired with a 7 speed F1 dual clutch transmission, this 488 gets from 0-60 in 2.9 seconds! Featureing a two tone body – gloss black top over a Rosso Corso body. Red brake calipers with carbon ceramic brakes, Scuderia Ferrari Shields, sport exhaust pipes, Carbon Fibre Central bridge. . . The interior is beautifully equipped with Beige Tradisione Daytona leather seats and the iconic red horse stitchec on the headrests. Red seat belts and a manettino steering wheel finish off this beautiful interior. . . Only 274 miles! https://www.byersimports.com/exotic-used/Ferrari/2017-Ferrari-488+Spider-e53cfa810a0e0a6b40de81f5ec2670ce.htm

Fortunately, my personal “must haves” for any future vehicle I’ll own are met: Air Conditioning (check), AM/FM Radio (check), and Bumpers (check). I’m just learning about disc breaks, on my Salsa Merekesh, and I’d bet the 6 speakers give out some amazing sound. Perhaps. . . one day!

Upcoming Events for Columbus Cars & Coffee:

July 28: Rally for The Ranch 2018 at Easton    August 11: Arena District Meet Presented by Nationwide 10AM – 12PM

September 22: September Meet at Byers Imports

October 6: October Meet at ESOTERIC     November 3: Season 10 Finale at Byers Imports

Join me on my next adventure,

~ Kat

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