Join Me on My Next (bike) Adventure: In Search of a Stolen Bicycle


My constant companion on my travels, for almost 4 years, has been an eggplant purple Trek hybrid, decorated with silver stripes. (The stripes were added over a year ago, as a decoration for a celebratory Festivus ride, and have hung on through wind and rain, across hills and through mud and gravel.) This bike is not only a means of transportation, but a source of entertainment, an exercise tool and a social outlet.

Traveling for work, it’s a treat when I can drive to my destination, because that means the bike can often come along. When I purchased my SUV in 2014 there were many things to consider, including comfort during 5 – 7 hour road trips, heated seats for the winter months, reliability in snow and rain, and the safety features of the tech package.

But most important, for any solo traveler who wants to take some of the comforts of home with her on the road, was whether or not my Trek would fit in the back without disassembling the bike. I wanted to be able to toss the bike in on a moment’s notice and head out on an excursion. The Subaru Forester fit the bill, and even gave me medallions that represented my interests in: outdoor adventures, cameras, pets, cheese (which has a special place in my heart), and my bike!

“Join me on my next Adventure!” That’s how I’ve signed off on my blog posts for most of the last year. I invite my readers to join me “in spirit”, experiencing sites and cities across the Midwestern United States, on the East and West coasts, headed north to Canada, south to Mexico, and on many other international adventures. My favorite travel companion, however, is that purple Trek. (Apologies to those who have joined me on my travels — the bike and I have been through a lot of adventures together.)

Sadly, my bike was stolen on the 2nd of October, ripped from the back of my Subaru in the dark of the early morning hours. Police reports have been filed, and insurance claims initiated, but I’m hopeful that the bike will be recovered. Until then, I offer a retrospective of some of the adventures that this Trek and I have been on over the last year, since I started keeping this blog.

There are many more adventures ahead! I have other bikes, so I didn’t miss my ride on Sunday, but I long for the return of the bike that has already been on so many adventures with me. I’ve just gained much of the East Coast in my work territory, and I’d hoped that “Purple Bike” would occasionally be able to come along. . .


















Day 21



Day 28.3





Join me on my next adventure – Please!

~ Kat

One comment

  1. May karma come back around on that thief–get caught, bike restored to proper owner without any damage to it, and a perp. who gets rehabilitated into a productive life instead of the destructive life he/she is currently leading.


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