Ireland: Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Metal

The Emerald Isle has a reputation for sheep grazing on rolling hills that are covered in green grass. You might expect quaint cottages with window boxes full of brightly colored flowers, and welcoming hospitality, complete with lots of great beer and whisky. I found all of that while I was visiting in 2013, but my camera allowed me to see the country in a different way.


My Wanderlust is Accidental, or at least I’ve called it that, because so much of my travel is determined by others. I do have a great deal of control over my free time once I get to a new city. However, the boundaries of my work territory, and the decisions of conference organizers, dictate whether I’ll be looking up to the tops of trees in the Oregon forest, walking on the sands of Long Beach, CA or wandering the Smithsonian museums in Washington, DC. I didn’t choose to be in these places, but week after week I excitedly take advantage of the chance to explore.

The desire to explore, the “lust” in Wanderlust, comes from my family, as well as its Irish roots. My childhood was built on family road trips every summer, when my Mother was on break from teaching. My Father’s job, which took him overseas often, taught me diversity; he brought my sister and I dolls from each of the countries he visited, dressed in the cultural traditions. Most of my family has visited Ireland, but in my late 30s I had still not been there. It was my “Dream Trip”, and I never really thought beyond getting there.

Determined, I declared that 2013 was the year I’d finally indulge my international Wanderlust. I had a passport with no stamps in it. That was about to change! A very good friend, who happens to also be my photography mentor, agreed to go with. A former Zumba student connected us with a high school classmate who had moved to Ireland several years ago, and she offered to open her home to us. The days we spent with her in Donegal were some of the most memorable of the trip. (I think I could write a separate blog post for each day in Ireland – it was just that beautiful!)

Almost two years after my return from Ireland, I was asked to participate in an art show called “5 Elements”. Five artists, each working in their own medium, were asked to show 5 original pieces. Our “assignment” was to represent Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Metal. Organized by painter Todd Adam Decker, the show was held at Terroir Wine in Bexley, OH and also featured 5 wine and food pairings to reflect the same 5 elements.

ry=400[1] (4)





Fire (Passion for Photography)

   ry=400[1] (2)


ry=400[1] (3)


I’m reminiscing this week because I’m off again, busy traveling (and limiting my screen time while I’m away). This trip my camera is letting me see Thailand through an artist’s eyes. I look forward to sharing my adventures in Bangkok and Chiang Mai!

Ready for the next Adventure!

~ Kat

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