“Ready” For the Next Adventure?

What exactly is the next adventure? I’m not sure I know. . . as a matter of fact, most of the time I’m pretty sure I don’t know! What’s next? Where can I go? What memories will I create? Who will I take with me, or meet along the way?


I sign off each blog post with “Ready for the Next Adventure”. But don’t misunderstand me, by thinking the next adventure is already planned. I’m “ready” because I’m open to taking in the next new, unexplored city once I get there. I’m receptive, curious, trying to fit travel adventures into a busy work life, and making small efforts to indulge my Wanderlust, in little spurts.

I might discover a fine Italian restaurant, or an unexpected chance to go on a hike in a city park. There’s rich history in some of the places I visit, and I make time for a night at the museum, and the accompanying play, concert, exhibit, opening reception. . .


When it’s certain that the travel will continue, which mine most definitely will, there’s no strong desire to write up a “Year in Review”. Readers can look back at past blogs any time they want, after all. Right? They can at least review the photos! Yet there’s so much more to look forward to in the months to come! I’ve unexpectedly, and rather suddenly, expanded my work territory, so it looks like I’ll be spending some time in Nashville, as well as Knoxsville, and I’ll revisit Memphis early in the year.

While I don’t enjoy the logistics of planning a trip, I do love to dream about what I might find when I land in a new place, and open myself up to new adventures. I’m a fairly relaxed traveler (at least I think so). Perhaps this exploratory nature, this Wanderlust, is a contrast to the structure, responsibility and expectations experienced in my day-to-day life.

Where will 2016 take me? Chicago, Nashville, Costa Rica (yes, Costa Rica!!) , Florida and Texas are already on the calendar. There are the beginnings of talk about an outdoor adventure in Alaska, and I must say I’d love to revisit New York City.

Crescent Beach
A beautiful place to visit alone.

Since I haven’t mentioned my furry companions since my first blog post, several months ago, I’ll say that they are pleased to have me home for a couple of weeks, during the transition from the old to the New Year. Soon it’s back to seeing the world, one trip at a time!

Attention: No cats were harmed or neglected in the travels related to the writing of “Accidental Wanderlust”. ButterCup and ButterBean demand the attention of 4 different visitors, who frequent their home while I am out of town!

One last note – despite my claim that I have no real desire to write up a “Year in Review”, I do love a good countdown, Top 10, or “Best Of” list. So, I hope readers will flip back through my blog postings they may have missed, to see a little bit more of what I see out on the road.

Come along on the next adventure!

~ Kat


  1. This is great. So much to look forward to! Love all the pics in one entry! It mkesme want to take a look back!


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