Roam if You Want to: Join Yukon Cornelius on a More Strenuous Hike OR Just Fall in Love with the Trails

Ready to roam? January was a month of reflection, conviction, and resolutions. February. . . . speaks of love. The Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks invited visitors to embrace the best the parks have to offer, honoring the best of these early 2021 months, honoring what is truly special in both.

I’ve had some grand adventures, with a life-sized and miniature Yukon Cornelius by my side. The photos bring a chuckle to my heart, each time I see them. Let them brighten your rainy days in early spring!

Trust me! Park visitors had their own chuckle, quite audibly at times, watching me set up Yukon’s many photo shoots!

You know you would be laughing too!

The beauty of the parks can’t be debated. We were cold and wet, wind-blown and snow-blind, tired and achy. . . . and we were awestruck, humbled, and full of gratitude for the land before us.

There were icy expanses, muddy trails, and frigid creek beds. I loved it all!

I never think to go to the parks in warmer months, when I’m more likely to be seen out on the bike trails. In 2021 this may need to change, so I can truly say I’ve experienced the parks in every season. I’ve set a reminder in my calendar, to prompt me to revisit Slate Run Farm later in the spring, when it’s full of new life. I’ll seek out a brand new adventure this summer, exploring a familiar park in a new way or discovering somewhere entirely new to me.

The Metro Parks placed wooden ornaments around the parks in February, as a token of their love and appreciation for the visitors who were spending their winter days in the 18 parks around Columbus and Franklin County. Nice Touch! Be sure to click the Right and Left arrows to, see more images in the slideshow below!

If you aren’t having fun out there, if you’re brought down by the grey skies and endless cold, if you’re a disgruntled Northerner, consider looking at the world through a different lens! You don’t have to take a stuffed toy along with you, but it does add a little fun! Because of COVID-19 the parks aren’t overly crowded, but many of the hikers we did run into are eager for conversation, even with masks on. I considered having a custom mask made in Yukon’s size, but thought that might be doing a bit too far.

If you slow down, and look at the landscape behind the toy, you might find yourself being amazed!

Embrace all that beauty – you’ll be glad you did!

These adventures made possible by the “Ticket to Travel” launched by Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks.

Join me on my next adventure,

~ Kat

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One comment

  1. You two are so adventurous, fun loving, seekers of learning something new every day, and generous sharers of this education for all your readers and beyond!
    I feel renewed by each adventure! My Lazy Boy becomes my Transport to Adventure!
    Thanks and BLOG ON!


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