Becoming a Solo Traveler

Why travel solo?

When my travel began, I didn’t exactly choose to travel alone.  Traveling for work, being on the road week after week, away from friends and away from home, allows me to do a job that I love.  I travel around the country as a Regional Trainer, to work with the best photographers and coaches in my company, certifying them to be Field Trainers for their area.

As a result, I’ve grown accustomed to eating alone at restaurants — really fantastic, eclectic, local eateries.  But that’s because I refuse to frequent boring chain restaurants, or order pizza in my hotel room every night, working at my computer in front of mind-numbing reality TV.  (Sometimes I do that when I’m on the road, but I can’t do that every night.)

On the road, I look for opportunities to explore!

What if I’m never in this part of the country again?  Is there a new adventure waiting for me here?  I have this amazing opportunity to visit a part of the country that others would love to see, and pay a lot of money to travel to.  Here I am. . . why not see what I can see?

So, even when I’m tired from a long day of training, I reach out. I ask the photographers I’m working with what parts of town to visit. The hotel clerk, the waiter at the restaurant, and the local store clerk are happy to make their recommendations. I have some great folks in my life that I refer to as my “Travel Agents” — they are full of suggestions for side trips, quirky museums to visit and sunset hikes to go on.

There’s typically not a whole lot of pre-planning on my part. I follow my whims, stumble upon unexpected treasures, and follow the signs that point the way to the nearby beach, the bike path and the unusual monument. Time and time again, I get great results, I can’t put my camera down, and I have stories to share.

I’ll share them with you here.

~ Kathleen


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